20 October 2022
The Fullerton Hotel Sydney, Australia
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At a Glance


New Conversations: Unleashing Courageous Leadership

Business value is created at the frontiers of technology. CIOs are navigating the most inspired age of advancement in human history, and the exponential rate of discovery holds immense potential for leaders who are empowered to adapt. In this session, we will uncover insights to influence to better understand how CIOs are navigating an increasingly chaotic technological landscape and shaping the strategic agenda.




The Metrics of Success: Bringing Clarity to Critical Pathways

Successful program delivery goes beyond having a principled approach. Metrics are the glue that holds key stakeholders to honest and accountable dialogue – but without the right approach, what you measure might compound complexity, not resolve it. How do you define and align key stakeholders behind a common vision, a desired destination? And how do you fine-tune a critical pathway to achieving this success while responding to uncertainty? What metrics are indispensable for achieving transparency and navigating large-scale transformations? What are proven management strategies for overcoming transformation fatigue?




Security at the Core: Infrastructure that Responds to Business

Resilience and flexibility have become thoroughly enmeshed in today’s dynamic technological environment. Businesses are now subscribing to a shift away from ownership in a move to future-proof their data management and enhance capability, security and confidence in a threat landscape that is constantly mutating. In this session, we’ll hear how flexible infrastructure enables flexible working, and unpack how leading organisations are empowering decision-makers across the business hierarchy to think creatively atop a basis of secure, dependable data.




Power in Balance: Exercising Influence in the Consumer Age

We are mining the complexities of the world around us in greater detail than ever before. CIOs have a wealth of data at their disposal, and consumers now expect to be understood. In this session, we will consider how the convergence of consumer-driven technologies is creating new opportunities for enhanced CX and personalisation, and examine how CIOs are enriching customer profiles and integrating across the business to generate sources of value closer to the consumer.

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